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In Polish, Syrenka translates to Mermaid.

She is typically depicted armed with a sword and shield.

She is the defender of the city and a strong woman.

We, as a women-led studio, identify ourselves with a strong and creative spirit.

Our projects have strong concepts and captivate the individual who encounters and experiences them.


We are passionate about design and building strong relationships.



we design spaces with purpose and a story.

Spaces that speak to you

Spaces that are elevated

Spaces that tell a story

Metal Stairs on Wooden Facade

Established in 2015, Syrenka Studio is a global boutique Interior Design Studio specializing in hospitality, commercial and high-end residential projects.


We work with you from Concept, Design Development, Tender, and Construction.

We have a global production team that is capable and experienced in doing both small and large-scale projects.

We provide full-service design worldwide.



Syrenka Studio creates spaces that are purposeful and tell a story.


We pride ourselves on always being able to absorb and translate our client's vision into our designs.

Always coming back to a space that speaks to us.


We strive to create a design that relates to all the senses.